Handspring Visor Prism Color Palm PDA Handheld 

Handspring Visor Prism Color!

The Handspring Visor™ Prism is the first infinitely expandable full-color handheld computer. This pocket-sized wonder displays over 65,000 vibrant colors so everything is crisper, brighter and easier to read. Plus, the Visor Prism's internal battery recharges right in the cradle. And, with the unique Springboard™ expansion slot, you can snap in a digital camera or global positioning system and instantly view full-color photos and maps. Best of all, it's plug-and-play so there are no drivers to load. Just snap in a module and it works! 

Built-in Features: 
Full-Color handheld computer, 
8MB Memory, 
Over 65,000 vibrant colors, 
Battery recharging cradle, 
Springboard expansion slot 
Active matrix backlit, 
USB cradle and HotSync technology, 
12,000 addresses, 
10 years of appointments, 
6,000 to do items, 
400 email addresses, 
Built-in Microphone, 

Supplied Accessories: 
Visor™ Prism handheld computer, 
Internal rechargeable lithium ion battery, 
USB HotSync charging cradle, 
AC power adapter, 
Deluxe stylus, 
Palm Desktop software (Windows and Mac), 
Software link to Microsoft Outlook (Windows only), 
Leather slip-case 

I bought the Handspring Visor four months ago, and used it for everything including: email, address book, to-do list, Avant-Go (great web-app that allows you to download web page content), photo album, memo pad, expense reports, automobile mileage, and GAMES, GAMES, GAMES.

I just recently upgraded my phone to the new Nextel i85s, which has calendaring, addressing, email, and web built in, so I have no use for it anymore.

The only flaw (I'm honest), is that some of the paint has come off the date, address book and to-do buttons. The paint came off, probably because I used the tip of the stylus to push the buttons. To see a close-up of the buttons, click on the last picture below. Other than that, the Handspring is flawless, and the screen is 100% scratch-free (I used screen protectors).

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