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1997 - 2001 Jeep TJ Complete Soft Top BLACK
Factory CUSTOM
BRAND NEW* - From Bestop*

What exactly am I selling? What's a factory custom soft top?

Three years ago, Bestop created two one-of-a-kind factory soft tops for a sales and marketing presentation with DaimlerChrysler-- one top was made of premium "soft-cloth" vinyl, and the other was made of premium "heavy-duty" vinyl, very similar to the texture of duraliner. The soft top for sale is the latter-- the one made with premium, "heavy-duty" vinyl.

The top, door uppers, quarter windows, and rear window were cut and sewn on Bestop production factory tools by the same people that make the OEM tops. The only difference is that they substituted premium vinyl. The material cost alone for this top is well over $600.

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The brand new top comes with an OEM frame (not aftermarket), top, door uppers, quarter windows and rear window. All glass is crystal clear as it was the day it was manufactured. It does not come with any additional mounting hardware (such as door surrounds). To install this top, all you have to do is remove the four bolts that attach your current top to your roll bar, and attach the new frame. Then, just zip in the windows, attach your existing rear window bar to the new rear window, and drop in the door uppers.

This top is perfect for these reasons:
1) The material is premium heavy-duty vinyl manufactured by Bestop
2) The top is one-of-a-kind... perfect for show vehicles
3) The top is manufactured by the leader in soft tops: Bestop

Reason why the top might NOT be for you:
1) There are no replacement windows or tops, with this material
2) The custom top is not covered by Bestop warranty
3) Shipping an entire OEM frame, doors, and top might be pricey

Normally, on the Jeep soft top items I sell, I only ask for an average pre-fixed shipping cost. However, with all the merchandise being shipped, I'm asking that the buyer pay the ACTUAL SHIPPING COSTS. I don't know how much this will be until I get a shipping address. The OEM frame is somewhat awkward and might require a custom-made box. The door uppers are heavy, and might require additional shipping. Shipping the complete top may be in excess of $100.

If you are fortunate and live close to Sterling Heights, MI, I will deliver within a 30 mile radius, and you won't have to pay any shipping.

NOTE: I was saving this top for when I upgraded my YJ to a TJ. However, due to my circumstances, I'm keeping my YJ, and not buying a TJ. That is why I have to part with this custom-made factory top. :(

Winning bidder prepays item and ACTUAL SHIPPING COSTS to cover UPS Ground Shipping, Packaging and Insurance. 

For a fast, hassle-free transaction, I accept payments through
PayPal or Billpoint (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) 

I will also accept money orders or personal checks.

Payment is expected within 10 days or negative feedback will be posted. 
Checks and money orders take 7 working days to clear, 
while PayPal and Billpoint payments will ship the next day.

I am always adding Bestop items to sell on eBay, so be sure to view my other auctions.
You can also email me at: dino@filias.net with any questions. And, if you feel like looking at all my Bestop goods I have to sell, check out my inventory at: http://filias.net/jeep.