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NEW 1998 - 1999 Plymouth Prowler
Factory Front and Rear Bumpers
You are bidding on a set of brand new 1998 - 1999 Plymouth Prowler Factory Front and Rear Bumpers. These may even fit more years (they may fit them all), but I'm too lazy to look it up. These were engineering samples that I acquired a few years ago and have been sitting in my basement. I'm moving, so I'm having a moving sale. Be sure to view my other auctions.

I've been stock-piling Jeep stuff and other automotive parts for a decade.
I'm moving.
The fiancee says everything must go.

These bumpers are brand new. One of the part #'s is 4813341 if that helps. I'm not sure what year Prowlers these will fit. They are tagged with an inspection tag of 1998. Please take a look at the pictures to get a better idea if these will fit your vehicle. If you really need to know the other part #'s, please email me at I figure the person bidding on these will know whether or not they will fit their vehicle.

Winning bidder prepays item and $35 to cover UPS Ground Shipping and Insurance.

For a fast, hassle-free transaction, I accept payments through PayPal.

I will also accept money orders or personal checks.
Expect a standard "clearing" delay for personal checks.
These doors are sitting at my shipper (deadbeat buyer),
so they are ready to ship the minute I receive payment.

Payment is expected within 10 days or negative feedback will be posted. Personal Checks take seven working days to clear, while Paypal, cashiers check and money orders will ship in about 3 days or less.

I am always adding automotive parts an accessories to sell on eBay, so be sure to view my other auctions.

You can also email me at: with any questions. And, if you'd like to see my current Jeep soft-goods inventory, go to

I also keep a photo gallery of items I'm selling, planning on selling, or sold on my personal photo album. It can be accessed here: