Dino's 1965 Willy's Jeep
October, 1991 - October 1993
Just got it and got stuck! 
Just got it and got stuck!
The good ol' U.P.
Steve Egleston takes a peek.
Waiting for fuel tank doesn't stop me...! Oct 92 Little bit of body damage... Oct 92
Wheelin' on the weekend... with Blazer and Steve
Weekend wheelin' Yup, I'm stuck! I'll make my own hi-lift and get out of here!  
I'm so pissed, I could spit!
Who's the man?! A victory look sometimes doesn't look victorious!
Steve, pose for the camera!
Pondering: homework or stay longer?
 Bung, my little brother (ETr)

Dino's 1994 Wrangler Sahara
June, 1994

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